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Well it's official..I'm heading back to NJ

 About a year ago, I was with someone. I wouldn't say that I was in love, but I was with someone that was providing me all of the stuff that I needed from another guy. Everything was going great..I was going to school in the city, getting banged by a guy, and I was getting income from this small work study job. I had a single room in the city all to myself! I couldn't ask for more. Until I started getting tired of the guy I was with, and tired of the school, and tired of my job. I was starting to realize that what I was going through would become a college student's worst fear; you were no longer interested in your major. You see, I was going for fashion design, and this fucking school was just not doing it for me anymore. I was no longer interested. And the awful teachers, and obnoxious students didn't help with this issue either. I was beginning to get irritated by everyone around me. I found myself visiting Jersey every weekend instead of my usual every other weekend visit. I would catch myself throwing my "boy" out of my room because I wanted time alone, when in fact I simply just wanted time to think to myself and wonder how the fuck I'm going to get out of here. Through lots of convincing with my parents, I'm officially heading back to NJ. I'm going to transfer to another school in NJ and major in Communications. With that major, I KNOW I can get still get into the Fashion Industry without having to lose one of my fingers in a sewing machine. I told the "boy" that I was in fact leaving. We were starting to have a rocky relationship anyway so I said with such glee. He said he was sad, but deep down I know he was relieved to get rid of me. He was the typical twenty-something gay guy who was just trying to have "fun" with every boy he met. So in a few days, I will be heading to a temporary room with a roommate, and I will then be officially dropped from this hell hole I call school.
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