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For those who are still mourning the split of Girls Aloud, now you can cry more tears.

'We've definitely split... I'm not jumping around doing all the routines when I'm 45!"
Cheryl Cole opens up on the end of Girls Aloud

She's kept fairly quiet about the reasons behind Girls Aloud's split after they parted ways in March.
In a new interview, Cheryl Cole insists the girl group will not be reuniting again, admitting the thought of doing the dance routines in her 40s fills her with dread.
She also references band mate Nadine Coyle's thoughts on the split, who famously declared on Twitter she wanted the band to keep going immediately after their big announcement.

Speaking to the July issue of UK InStyle magazine, the 29-year-old insisted it was the right time for the girl group to part after 10 years together.
She said: 'We’ve definitely split. I know Nadine always said that she never thought we should say out loud the words "we’ve split", but at the same time we don’t want to mislead the fans.'
Cheryl is insistent there won't be a reunion years down the line, believing she would look embarrassing performing the routines to tracks such a Love Machine.

She laughed: 'I hope to God I’m not turning up to Girls Aloud jumping around doing all the routines when I’m 45!'
Reflecting on her last series as a judge of UK X Factor, Cheryl admitted she wasn't focused due to her battle with malaria and her marriage breakdown from Ashley Cole.
The full interview is in the July issue of UK InStyle, out now.
Recalling the 2010 series, she mused: 'The last X Factor series I did was too hard for me. I wasn’t right in my mind enough to give it my everything and be focused. And I wasn’t strong enough mentally.'
Although she went on briefly to judge X Factor USA before being fired, Cheryl has made up with Simon Cowell.
Despite rumours she is set to return to the UK version to boost their sliding ratings, Cheryl insists she doesn't discuss such things with the music mogul.
'I've seen Simon since. Like, we’re friends again. But, I don’t talk about flagging things to him. He’d have a meltdown.'
Cheryl is now preparing for her 30th birthday on June 30 and is looking forward to leaving her turbulent 20s behind.
She said: 'When I look at the 21-year-old me, I do not want to be that person. I was young and naive. I’m a hell of a lot wiser, a hell of a lot stronger, I’m just happier with me now. It’s weird but I’m not scared of it.'


Okay, Cheryl... We'll see how you'll feel in a few years, when you start running out of those coins.
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